Kontrol Surface KS-1974

SmithsonMartin has released another awesome interactive DJ tool!

The Kontrol Surface KS-1974.

The KS-1974 uses the Emulator Software on a smaller scale. Connect it to your laptop, desktop or any computer to transform it into a powerful and comfortable 22 inch surface with 4 simultaneous touch points. This is perfect for your studio or live performances. KS-1974 is a state-of-the-art DJ, VJ, and Studio Production tool.  KS-1974 is the perfect size for any DJ Booth or Studio Desk.


KS-1974 is manufactured with a highly accurate and extremely responsive 4 touch sensor, running at ultra low latency (less 4ms) and completely compatible with Windows 7 & 8 and OSX.  KS-1974 is an ultra durable MIDI Controller.  Glass used in the sensors are chemically strengthened to withstand high-volume user interaction and repetitive motion.  The system allows continuous usage and will never wear out the faders and of course, their will be no more missing buttons.



Emulator for Traktor and Emulator Modular come bundled with the KS-1974.


Click Here to view the Technical Specifications for the KS-1974.


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