Song Request System

Its Finally Here!! A Song Request System designed for Djs and Bands!

No Internet Required after installation and no monthly costs.

The system works off your existing Windows or Apple computer! Song Requests DJ Smiley

Guests walk up to the kiosk, whether it be an ipad or any tablet and type in the song name or artist they want to request.

There is no database to look through they type exactly what they want. Better yet, they can vote on songs that other party goers have already requested!

But don't worry, there is a "blacklist" of words and phrases that will not be accepted and can be updated on the fly.  Everything is Customizable to the picture on the home page to the Event Title.

See some screenshots below to check it out. Better Yet, Click Here to register for our free online demo.

Features Include

- Special hidden VIP request button for your special guests

- Customization of pictures and event names

- Unlimited number of requests

- No internet required for use

- Use your own iPad or tablet, all you need is the app!

- compatible with Windows and Mac

- Product support and updates for 1 year!

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Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 6.26.32 PM
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Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 12.24.04 VIP buttonPM
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