Digital Signage

Advertising System

Digital Signage is the new generation of advertising. It's time to take that printed media and throw it away.  Now is the time for the technology of the future to take over.   This new type of signage can be used for advertising or as an information system so your company can easily reach out to customers and/or employees.

There are many competitive advantages in the usage of Digital Signage:

  1. Geographic Targeting
  2. Optimal Attention
  3. Highest Recall Rate on all Media
  4. Ability to change/edit media in the near real time
  5. Highly favorable competitive rates
  6. Virtually guaranteed viewership
  7. Message Streamlining
Digital Signage can be used for Advertising in two ways:  to host an advertising system or to actually advertise on one.


Host an Advertising System

To host an advertising system your business needs to have one main component... lots of customer traffic.  The more customers you have, the more businesses will want to advertise at your location. The amount of time before the ads start to repeat depends on how many people are advertising on your system as well as how long customers stay in your establishment.  Advertising spots are an average of 15 seconds long.  We add trivia, weather and news spots so customers stay attracted to the display as much as possible.
Now you might be saying, well what about advertising my own company on the system?  With Ad Time Media you get to advertise your own content with no charge because you are the one hosting the display.  For hosting a display you get a percentage of the advertising revenue so you make money and don't have to do a thing.


Advertise Your Company on a System

Ad Time Media has a variety of locations where people can advertise.  Businesses want to advertise in many locations not just a single one.  So we have come up with a price schedule based on the amount of locations that you would like to advertise at.  They are listed below:


To advertise at 1 - 2 Locations:
$125 a month
To advertise at 3 - 6 Locations:
$300 a month
To advertise at 7 - 12 Locations:
$525 a month


The prices above include the creation of your advertisement.  We will create a variety of formats and ads for you so customers do not see the same advertisement over and over again whenever they visit that location.


For more information or what locations we are currently in please feel free to give us a call at 516-437-8052 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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