Firm Predicts Digital Signage to Hit $23 Billion in Revenue by 2020

Good morning, folks!

So, here we are, now already halfway through 2015, and my oh my, where has the time gone since our first prediction that this year would be a banner one for Digital Signage? Hopefully, it has gone somewhere with great market penetration/returns and customer satisfaction, for sure!

Well, it seems like it has, if this new report by MarketsandMarkets has anything to say.

According M&M (no, not the candy), their report – entitled “Digital Signage Market by Type”, for short – which looks at the market across five criteria – hardware, software, services, application and geography – states that by 2020, the digital signage market is poised to hit $23.76 billion in revenue, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.18 percent between this year and that time.

Incredible, isn’t it? This information tells us that, from the total of $14.6B brought in last year (2014), the market – which primarily covers North America, Europe and Asia, with the U.S. forecast to continue its majority share through 2020 – will increase by $9B+ within the span of the next five years, thanks to the ever-growing demand for commercial displays, an overwhelming desire for energy conservation, government approval, and additional corporate investments made on behalf of the development of digital signage solutions. (Sidenote: it looks like Germany, the U.K., Japan, and South Korea are anticipated to have the highest level of growth in the forecast period.)

According to M&M, the company stated that it observed ten main players in its report-making, as dictated by the criteria above. The players are: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (South Korea), LG Display Co. Ltd. (South Korea), Sharp Corp. (Japan) NEC Display Solutions (Japan), Sony Corp. (Japan), Panasonic Corp. (Japan), AU Optronics Corp. (Taiwan.), Adflow Networks (Canada), Omnivex Corp. (Canada), and Planar Systems Inc. (U.S.).

Those are, indeed, the biggest players in the game, and if they continue to produce at the qualitative, creative and quantitative rate at which they are predicted to over the next few years, it looks like Digital Signage is no danger of going the way of the dinosaurs… Kudos to that!

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