Userful Establishes Video-Wall Control Panel on the Net

We’re switching back to some great and exciting news this week on the pioneer front for Digital Signage.

At the tail end of last year, the Userful Corp. – a company which specializes in delivering concentrated, interactive display software – showcased the first video wall in the world to broadcast real-time, 4K content up to a range of 25 screens. Now, they have decided to put the control panel for that product online.

The decision here was a simple one; Userful wanted to “publicly demonstrate how easy it can be to set up, deploy and manage artistic or grid video walls." The founder of the corp., Tim Griffin, had this to say about the move:

For years, video walls have been complex, expensive and intimidating… We set out to change all that by delivering a video wall that is flexible and powerful but also comes at an affordable price. It's the easiest to use solution on the market, and we are ready to prove that. Now anyone can use our online tool and see how easy deploying and managing video walls can be.

Imagine that? Basically, any investor in the wall can manage its entire operations system from, say, their Macbook at any place and time. This is a huge step in engineering.

Here are two major specs:

-         The Userful Network Video Wall controller can output a wide range of content, including video, HTML5, 3D and Flash, all in 4K resolution.

-         Userful has also made it possible for the control center to tie in with third-party content management systems in order to feed real-time and scheduled live content to the video wall, which can be accessed from a browser from any device… even a smartphone or tablet!

Also, in order to get consumers more quickly on-board, the corporation has released both an short instructional video – demonstrating how simple it is to configure and manage a video wall – and an online self-service test site.

So check those out, as Userful’s newest endeavor looks to be a “game-changer,” and another huge step forward for the Digital Signage market in the months ahead.

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