Even More Best Tips for Better Digital Signage

Continuing with our last post’s trend, here are another three, best tips that will help you get more out of your Digital Signage campaign.

1.) Now, while we said in the last post that the days of simple text usage in your message are over, it’s still in everyone’s best interest – including the customer’s! – to keep your displays simple. This means that for those full-motion videos we use, we need to keep them attractive, but also short, easy-on-the-eyes and, most importantly, to-the-point; it’s best not to have a barrage of quick edits or an overabundance of flashiness when a steadily shot video featuring an even rotation of information will do… In other words, re-inforce your brand, don’t fill it with clutter.

2.) Good content these days is especially hard to come by. Markets can be saturated with the same material by competitors – even this one! – and, on occasion, you’ll find it harder to put your own spin on things. However, sometimes what’s hardest is finding the time to create the content itself! Well, fear not, because there’s a big tool already at your disposal to help you sort this problem out, and the best part about it is that it’s free; it’s called an RSS, and it pulls info from your social media feeds – such as market Facebook and Twitter – to populate your signage. Bottom line: if you’re ever in a pinch, look to what’s already available elsewhere in your advertising campaign… You’ll be surprised at what you can come up with!

3.)This might be an unusual one to some. As has been discussed previously, this is a market that is constantly evolving; new “best practices” are always being developed behind-the-scenes to help investors make the most of their Digital Signage display. In order to keep abreast of what the latest trends and keys to success are, check into which training videos and in-house opportunities are available online or in your area, or into one of the numerous, highly helpful DS webinars that hit the Net at least every other week… You’ll be glad that you invested your time in these opportunities, and so will your customers!

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