Best Tips for Better Digital Signage

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be switching up on giving reports focused on Digital Signage trends taking place within the market. Instead, we’ll be talking about something a bit more important: how to optimize your DS content to not only be more dynamic, but to reach more consumers.

So, let’s begin!

1.)The days of simple text – no, not the phone kind, though many of us are currently finding even more enhanced ways to communicate via phone than texting, anyway – in order to get your message across are over. Today, more and more advertisers are making full use of video in their DS advertisements. It’s prettier, grabs the consumer’s attention quicker, and holds onto it for longer. And for those of us thinking to throw in a simple animated trinket here, or a graphic pop-up there, think again; in this day and age, that won’t cut it with the consumer! Full video displays – mini-movies, in effect – with a human lead-in are what are needed if we desire to not only reach, but relate to these potential consumers.

2.)This is one can be a real boost to your bottom line, and it makes sense, too! If your business hosts a waiting room or lobby, you can have the added benefit of broadcasting a message with immediate positive reinforcement. For example, a doctor’s office could advertise a special discount offer with every fifth visit, or a hotel could advertise in their lobby a coupon for 15% a total bill for any additional stays spent after the initial first two nights. These are items that will automatically stick in a consumer’s mind, and therefore open the way for an easy point-of-sale.

3.)The content in a Digital Signage message needs to be, in a huge way, more than just a plain, run-o’-the-mill advertisement. What does this mean? It means don’t talk down to your potential customers, but speak to them in the manner of appearing to be “as” one of them instead of “at” them. Relate to them in your message, make them feel as if you really are trying to help them with your product – you should be! – and then mention why your product can help them solve their problems in a short, simple and positive way. Overall, this is one of the most foolproof and easiest way to make a sale, as well as being the most personally satisfying!

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