Vengo Partners with the DPAA to Push Digitized Vending Machines

The hits keep on coming!

This cool piece was just unleashed in light of the Digital Signage Expo, which took place earlier this week: the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) has announced that Vengo Labs – a corporation that has pioneered the use of Digital Signage in a particular field (see below) – has now signed on as the latest company to join the Association.

If you have never heard of Vengo, their premier product is a vending machine… Well, not just any vending machine. The company produces a self-checkout, point-of-sale system that engages customers with interactive content and digital advertising for all brands available for purchase inside the machine. (In our opinion, that’s top-tier, best use of Digital Signage.)

The machine itself is also different than the regular vending machine; it’s roughly six-inches in depth, wall-mounted, and its interactive façade – a 21.5-inch HD touchscreen – takes up a good chunk of the design… In other words, it’s like a television that gives you things to eat and drink.

The president/CEO of the DPAA, Barry Frey, made the following statement in regards to the partnership:

Vengo is coupling digital place-based advertising with point-of-purchase to create an exciting solution for marketing products. They exemplify the level of innovation that is a hallmark of the digital place-based media industry. We look forward to working closely with Vengo to provide them with the broad range of services and support that come with belonging to our organization.

The co-founder/CEO of Vengo, Brian Shimmerlik, issued the following statement on behalf of the company:

We just attended our first DPAA member meeting and found it to be a valuable experience in terms of sharing industry insights and networking with our DPB colleagues. We plan to be active members of the DPAA and contribute to the continuing growth of the digital place based sector.

Given the milestones that Vengo is covering with their machine, as well as the support they will receive in subsequent endeavors from the DPAA to unroll the product across additional platforms, this partnership should prove plenty fruitful for the Digital Signage market in the months ahead. 

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