Sharp Unveils the New PN-E Series for a 2015 Splash

Well, we’re now two months into 2015, and Ad-Time Media feels that when it comes to our predictions about how Digital Signage is poised to make a huge impact on the market this year, it’s been “so far, so good.”

On that note, we’re proud to keep our coverage of new Digital Signage products coming along, as today we discuss the PN-E series by Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (a division of Sharp Electronics Corp.).

Recently, the company announced this series of new LED displays designed for widespread usage. Both the PN-E703 (70 in.) and the PN-E603 (60 in.) will integrate high-quality DS components with an updated design.

The displays will be much like the company's 700 nit PN-R series in terms of interface and design, however the PN-E displays will feature differences in their size and shape, as well as feature better online connectivity... To be specific, the PN-E series is almost 50 percent thinner and 90 percent lighter than the PN-R models.

Speaking of “specs”, the PN-E703 and PN-E603 also produce 450 candelas per square meter, which allows them to boast ultra-superior brightness and makes them ideal if a controlled lighting space is being used. Additionally, these displays feature a backlit panel that, supported by Sharp’s own patented UV tech, prevents light leakage and allows for more efficient use of the backlight itself.

The final highlight of these displays is an uber-cool one, too; they will come standard with “Mirror Display Mode” capability, which allows for onscreen content to be displayed on a series of linked PN-E monitors. In our opinion, this awesome feature is a solid plus in creating greater reach of a message in larger spaces – such as a conference room or atrium – with relative ease.

Lastly, Senior VP of Marketing and Operations Mike Marusic via statement had this to say about the products:

"The new PN-E703 and PN-E603 combine the similar design profile and connectivity as our top-selling PN-R series platform with the same level of brightness and price point as our previous generation PN-E models… With the release of Sharp's third generation PN-E series, we are able to offer a wide array of professional displays that fit the demanding needs of our customers."

The PN-E603 model is currently available, while the PN-E703 will become available later this month.

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