LG Partners with HDBaseT on Plug-in Module for Digital Displays

Following our take on Exceptional 3D‘s announcement of their Open Pluggable Specification line, we’re reporting this week on how LG plans to further invest in the Digital Signage world with a product-release centered around HDBaseT technology.

The electronics giant has recently announced that they will be releasing an add-on in the form of an “HDBaseT plug-in module”, which will be compatible with the company's LS75A line of DS product.

The good news is that these information displays are currently programmed to accept any additional DS applications… This means that – in addition to the fact that HDBaseT plug-in will expand a stock display’s performance – the module will not be “buggish”, or malfunction upon integration.

"With the launch of HDBaseT-enabled displays, LG brings increased options to installers and integrators, and enriches the digital signage vertical sector," said Micha Risling, chair of the HDBaseT Alliance Marketing Committee. “HDBaseT is the obvious choice for smarter delivery of multimedia content over simplified infrastructure for much longer distances than possible until now."

HDBaseT technology allows for uncompressed distribution of HD multimedia content for both home and commercials means. This content includes full-HD/3D/2K/4K video and all HDMI features, DTS-HD/DolbyTrueHD/Dolby Digital sound, 100Mb Ethernet support, and enables various control signals for many purposes, such as CEC, RS-(232), USB and infrared. Additionally, it supports up to 100w of power over a single LAN cable… Amazing!

We believe that this is an extremely good look for LG and HDBaseT, with the prospect for it to be equally beneficial for the Digital Signage market heading into the future.

While DS displays are already operating on high-definition/high-brightness standards, by using the uncompressed transmissions provided by HDBaseT, quality content will be more enhanced with no concern for capacity overload on part of the display, and overheard costs will be reduced.

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