How Proximity Selling Aids the Digital Signage Market

In our last post, we spoke about how outdoor Digital Signage was poised to make a huge impact in the months ahead. Now we’d like to expand on a main reason as to how that impact will occur – through proximity selling.

Fortunately, this type of selling is already a part of outdoor DS, with its main benefit being its ability to increase interaction with customers in close “proximity” to a business.

For example, a pizza shop can use an outdoor DS display to advertise certain promotions for their business. (“Stop in now and we’ll send a FREE COUPON for half-off pies directly to your smartphone!”) When a customer (who is usually driving) is then in proximity of the business, the sign will broadcast the promotion. If the customer sees it and decides to stop inside the shop, they will find the content (coupon) on their phone. This is free of charge to both the business and the customer. (Note: A recent study by IBM showed that roughly 72% of customers respond to interactive advertising received when they are within visible proximity of the business in question. That’s awesome!)

At the moment, this type of localized, Digital Signage technology is steadily working in businesses’ favor. However, efforts in this area will continue to grow, expand, and possibly change for the better. The best part, though, is that with the need for this type of interactive marketing expected to increase, so will customer satisfaction and, of course, the need for Digital Signage. 

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