Outdoor Signage Poised to Make a Splash This Year

As we said a few weeks ago, this year promises to be a banner one for Digital Signage.  More consumers are expected to spend based on information they picked up from interactive media, and some manufacturers are already showcasing new DS products. Their hope is that they will be able to convince more companies that this is the way to buyers’ hearts in 2015.

One of the biggest ways in which advertisers plan on picking up steam with consumers is through DS that is outdoor-based. Given its size of some of these signs – particularly billboards – it cannot help but pull your attention, and now it’s more engaging than ever.

How so? Well, in a few ways. The first is that the pixels used for outdoor signage – which is LED-based and mainly of the 10mm size – keep getting an upgrade. Manufacturers continue to “concentrate” the pitch for the pixels, with the result being an increase in resolution, and therefore better signage quality.  

Another benefit is that these “electronic billboards” can now be programmed via the same high-end, wireless connection that would program any other mobile device. This is beneficial in allowing for quicker load times during signage changes, something unheard of even a decade ago. Additionally, signs can now be programmed according to multiple target markets, with a change in signage  occurring due to such examples as time of day, time of year (say, during the holidays), or according to the majority demographic on a given route during rush hour. Crazy!

Outdoor signs could be another boon for Digital Signage in 2015. They are a sure-fire way for advertisers to interact with a mass number of potential consumers at one time, and their ability to broadcast immediate updates on personalized, dynamic content eases their job, while reaping the benefits of increased returns.

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