How Exceptional 3D will Help the Digital Market in 2015

We spoke a few weeks ago about the benefits of Digital Signage, as well as how it will fare in 2015... Here is how one corporation is planning to do their part on behalf of DS this year.

A maker of no-glasses 3D displays, Exceptional 3D recently announced a 3D Open Pluggable Specification-compliant display product line. This will be the first of its kind in the world.

The Open Pluggable Specification label, or OPS, is meant to aid in the “standardization” of the process that creates and develops Digital Signage devices… Essentially, the OPS itself will help the DS industry by allowing for an easier implementation process of the equipment, from installation to necessary upgrades.

The COO of Exceptional 3D, Dan Fischer, was quoted as saying the following in the announcement:

The future of digital signage playback of content is all-in-one display and OPS… OPS allows for faster deployment of interchangeable systems, and that also translates to bringing down the cost for production and deployment.

The OPS device presents a convenient solution that integrates easily with our 3D products. With pluggable media players built into the display, scalable 3D digital signage is a cost-effective solution where there is no longer a need for additional cables or power supply. The convenience of the OPS design supports future-proof digital signage that can play back both 2D and 3D content.

Any “trips ups” notwithstanding, Exceptional 3D looks likely to succeed in terms of contributing to the growth and sustainability of the Digital Signage market in 2015... The benefit of scalability will not only increase demand, but also is an essential component in keeping additional/residual costs for consumers at a minimum.

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